đŸ”ĩModern Vampires


The Modern Vampires are the largest population of characters in the game. They are created during hunts and distributed to new & existing players via secondary marketplaces.

When a new vampire is created, the player minting has the options to choose the skin (NFT image) from their inventory before mint.


Artists can submit their own skin collections to be registered and used in the game. The skins will then be automatically available for other players to purchase and use when minting a Modern Vampire NFT.

Custom Skins can only be exclusive, so all Modern Vampires are unique.

Players also have the option to use a skin from the game's repository for free.

The Skins Market will offer Web3 creators a way to monetize their art and launch entire collections in the Vampire Wars ecosystem. We believe in User Generated Content and plan to expand this functionality to as many artists as possible as quickly as possible.

More on artists onboarding soon..


The Modern Vampires are minted as part of claiming hunt rewards. The initial players will be the character suppliers of future players. Conversion rates will be in continuous adjustment to ensure a balanced Vampire population and prevent hyper inflation. Important decisions will be taken considering community feedback and analysis. Decisions will be submitted to vote.

Courage of Th'Deea - Artifact

When created, Modern Vampires are fragile and do not engage in battles. This means that if a combat is set in a hunting area of a Modern Vampire, the hunt will yield no rewards for the Modern.

In order to engage in combat and match a Pure Vampire, players must craft a special artifact, called "Courage of Th'Deea". All players have one for free, so they can secure one fully functional Vampire Character.

The crafting of this artifact costs the Immortality of 5 Modern Vampires, meaning that the player needs to sacrifice 5 Modern Vampires to have another one that engages in combat.


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