Vampire Wars


We believe that Web3 gaming will massively contribute to the elevation of the human species, together with AI and Blockchain technology.
Web3 will change the way we learn and the way we work.
Our mission is to build a social experience on top of a strategy game, a new genre built for Web3, a platform for users to earn crypto rewards.
Vampire Wars aims to reconcile the Gaming & Crypto spaces by introducing a new genre in terms of user interaction with a game. Integrating Mapbox at the core of the gameplay, players will use the real world's map to claim virtual land (Territories) and deploy their hunting & combat strategies.

Our Principles

As a Crypto Project that provides a complete Game and Token Economic model, Vampire Wars is built with three principles in mind:
  • Public Beta MVP ready before any funding - ensure a no pressure environment for building
  • Free to play with no feature access limitations - no paywalls
  • Players first - We build for and together with the community

Asset Ownership

Players will own Vampire Characters and Virtual Land (Territories) as NFTs and will participate in a layered in-game economy powered by on-chain and off-chain currencies & resources.

Our view on the current Crypto Gaming landscape

The landscape of crypto gaming and Play to Earn remains vast and unexplored, far from its full potential. Projects in the space still have to overcome barriers that are not anchored to the gameplay nor in the blockchain:
  • In-game asset ownership that changes the way in-game economies function. Decentralized economies/tech trees are hard to balance since players are free to move assets freely between them.
  • UX grows in complexity in both onboarding new players and retention since the interaction with the blockchain needs "Wallet Connect" & "Sign Transaction".
  • For gamers the DeFi/Crypto/Web3 landscape is associated with "Scam/Ponzi/Pyramidal MLM"
  • For crypto enthusiasts the Gaming aspect of a crypto project doesn't level up to the hype they are familiar with, which makes it harder for projects to understand their audience, target it with relevant marketing and grow.