🚰Faucet Alternative

If you are new to devnet and want to take a swing at the game you need dEgld in order to sign transactions.

r3d4 Faucet

One quick method to get some dEgld is to go to https://r3d4.fr/faucet and paste your wallet address, choose Devnet network, click Submit, and depending on the load, usually under a minute you will receive into your wallet 1 dEgld.

MultiversX WebWallet

Another quick method to get dEgld is to access https://devnet-wallet.multiversx.com/unlock, depenging on the wallet you have, either scan the QR Code with xPortal or press Open on the Chrome Extension card to login into the WebWallet. In here follow the steps in the video to get the dEgld.

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