❓Wallet and Devnet Faucet

The game is integrated with MultiversX blockchain, so you will need a MultiversX Wallet to play. We recommend the web browser extension wallet. You can find more information about the MultiversX Wallet here.

You can also use xPortal App, the native wallet app of MultiversX. You can check it out here.

We also recommend using a dedicated wallet for playing the game. You will manage 4 tokens and multiple NFT collections out of which the Territories and Modern Vampires will be generated continuously in the game, so having it mixed with other NFTs or other tokens can become a asset management nightmare 😄 You need to have a positive $EGLD balance to be able to sign transactions and login to the game. In order to get DevNet $dEGLD, you can connect your wallet to https://devnet-wallet.multiversx.com/unlock and access the "Faucet" module from the left sidebar:

  • Connect

  • Access Faucet

Verify captcha and get the $dEGLD.

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