📈Game Mechanics

Real-world map: The game's map is based on the real world, featuring actual cities and their respective populations, adding depth and authenticity to the gameplay.

Territory NFTs: Players pick hexagons on the map, which they can mint as unique territory NFTs, representing their control over specific areas.

Scarce territories: High populated cities have limited available territories due to their surface area, increasing the value and competition for these sought-after locations.

Raw materials & Crafting: Territories generate resources that players use to craft items and enhance their vampire characters, facilitating growth and development.

Clans and alliances: Players can join Clans, working together to send their vampires on hunts and organizing high-stakes tournaments for collective rewards.

Rank growth: As players participate in battles and engage in gameplay, they earn Rank Points, allowing them to grow their ranks and achieve higher levels of power and influence in the game world.

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