đŸ—ŊThe Thriving

For hundreds of thousands of years, the vampire species evolved serving the purpose of the Runes.

Vampires are the craftsmen of the world as we know it. They were the Khans, the Emperors, The Wizards and Witches, the Kings and Queens, the Gods, the important historical figures that contributed to our elevation as a species.

Hidden from human sight, infiltrated in the society, they were the architects of the great wars and expansions, the builders and the destroyers of empires. Heroes, Leaders, Dragons, Daemons & Angels, were all Pure Blooded Vampires.

All documented important historical events are linked to them, until 1910, when humans learned about their existence and discovered the Runes by accident during an earthquake in Japan. They tampered with the mystical stones and a chain of events led to the extinction of the vampires. They lost their cellular regeneration enhancement, became mortals, aged and went extinct.

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