Vampire Wars



Crypts are an important element, they serve as a place for vampires to rest and recover after they lose a battle.
Crypts are also used as a means of transportation for vampires, as they can teleport between crypts owned by the same player.
In addition, crypts provide a safe haven for vampires and serve as a base of operations for their activities.
They may contain resources or other amenities that vampires need in order to survive and thrive, such as blood or other sustenance.
Crypts are 3D objects visible on the map.


Crypts are crafted using in-game resources and $DARX tokens.
The main utility is to host Vampire Characters. A Vampire cannot hunt unless it is allocated (hosted) to a crypt. Vampires return to their crypt after they lose a battle.
Crypts are minted in different sizes, with each size determining how many vampires a crypt can host.
Players can move crypts from one territory to another.
Crypts provide fast-travel for their vampires since they can travel instantly between crypts.
Having a crypt on their territory, players are able to cast territory specific spells.


When minting a Crypt, players must choose a name, a size and a custom skin. These are attributes that are permanently minted on-chain with the Crypt NFT.
Skins can be purchased from the in-game marketplace, but players can also use the default skin collection provided for free by the game.
Artists can submit their own skin collections to be listed in the in-game Marketplace. The skins will then be automatically available for other players to purchase and use when crafting a Crypt.
Custom Skins can be exclusive but also generic. This way, artists can choose to sell a crypt skin to more than one player.
The Skins Marketplace will offer Web3 creators a way to monetize their art and launch entire digital asset collections in the Vampire Wars ecosystem.
More on artists onboarding soon..