Vampire Wars



Players can organize in Clans. Being part of a Clan means:
  • Players in the same clan don't engage in combats when hunting. This means that when coordinating hunts, going in packs increases the chance of winning battles and loot more rewards.
  • Spillage from hunting on clan's territory is split between the player hunting and the territory owner.
  • Players can perform spells and buffs on clan members' territory. Spells casted on a territory change the territory properties and create advantages/disadvantages for the vampires hunting on it.
One of the biggest feature as part of a Clan is the opportunity to increase unlocked earnings. Players can unlock $LDARX and convert it to $DARX by participating in Clan's Purifying Well. Clan members work together to achieve specific clan milestones and access a special unlocking function built in for Clans specifically.

Clan Special Features

Clan Workers

Each player can choose up to 3 (sometimes 5) other players (members of the same clan) that are his "trusted workers". The trusted workers will receive 1% of all tokens spent in the game by the player.
Later in the game, workers will have a more extended role regarding crafting.
For example: If Player A has 3 trusted workers (Player B, Player C, Player D) and Player A spent 100 $DARX in the last 24 hours, 1 $DARX will be equally split between Player B, Player C and Player D.

Clan's Purifying Well

Each week, the Clan Owner can activate the Well, a special Clan feature that allows Clan Members to submit a limited amount of Locked Tokens for unlocking.
In order for the Well to purify (unlock) the tokens, the Clan must achieve the previous week's progress in terms of Hunting Rewards.
After the week is over, the system automatically calculates the progress and determines the amount of Locked Tokens that will be unlocked, based on the current week achievements compared with last week's achievements.
For example: if current achievement is 70% of last week's progress, only 70% of the tokens will be unlocked. The rest will be lost or kept in the well for the next week's round.
More about Clans, soon..