Vampire Wars

Pure Blood Vampires

There can be only 6.666 Pure Blood Vampires in the game, split in 5 classes, with each class representing a historical era where they roamed the Earth and influenced the history of mankind:
Supply of 666 NFTs
Ancient Vampires - NFT Art

Classical Vampires​

Supply of 1.500 NFTs
Classical Vampires - NFT Art
Supply of 1.500 NFTs
Medieval Vampires - NFT Art
Supply of 1.500 NFTs
Renaissance Vampires - NFT Art
Supply of 1.500 NFTs
Victorian Vampires - NFT Art
The Pure Blood Vampires have the highest in-game attributes tiers and come with special revenue perks and roles during campaigns.
The NFTs will be available to purchase in special events in the game, so not all 6.666 characters will be available in the game from the beginning.
All NFTs can be borrowed, ensuring a Free To Play mechanism where rewards are shared between players and a fair "Test the game" functionality.