Vampire Wars


Humans evolved without having a clear purpose for their consciousness. Some say there is no purpose, others agree that living is a purpose in itself. Some other beliefs speak of higher beings creating intelligent life. All in one, evolution took place and humans managed to create the impressive social structures and technology we all now take for granted.
Millions of years ago, an alien civilization that was native to the Draco Galaxy managed to travel to Earth and plant their seeds: The Runes, highly intelligent and autonomous devices that had only one objective: detect intelligence and enhance it.
The selection process is not fully known to us yet. We are aware that the Runes waited for intelligent life to evolve to a point where the neocortex can censor the limbic system and the individual is able to intentionally make choices that imply high calculated risk and make choices based on selfish-dominant emotions like greed.
And they did. More than 300.000 years ago, one of the Runes created Valh’Dhal, a homo rhodesiensis who was migrating North from what is now known as Zambia, in search of new lands for his group.
Vampires are known to be genetically modified humans, whose bodies never decay. They are alien-made, programmed to serve very specific but unknown purposes.
The creation process is nothing but a genetical mutation where Rune’s specific Draco DNA is added to mammal (human) cells. This DNA enhances the individual by providing:
  • Cellular regeneration
  • Increased strength
  • Shapeshifting abilities
  • Telekinesis & Telepathy
  • Reproduction through infectious blood / saliva transfer
  • Environment altering capabilities – weather and land control properties for small territory areas